Inflamed ulcers are discussed in the next Post.
Here stomach ulcers are reviewed. When the mucus
lining of the stomach becomes inflamed, one
experiences pain, burning sensation, and eventual
bleeding. The current Western view of ulcers is that
they are caused by bacteria. Both viewpoints are
discussed below.
Bacterial Therapies:
Áyurvedic therapies include antibacterial
Váyu: Garlic, sandalwood, jasmine, turmeric.
Pitta: Chiráyatá, golden seal, aloe, sandalwood,
jasmine, turmeric.
Kapha: Garlic, golden seal, aloe, sandalwood,
Inflammation Therapies:
Usually these conditions develop from mental
stress, worry, overwork, nervous sensitivity, etc. Foods
also can play a part in this condition: for example,
eating overly hot and spicy foods and drinking excessive
amounts of alcohol.
General: It is best to follow a bland food plan with
easily digestible items. A milk fast is beneficial. Alcohol
and smoking aggravates ulcers, as do garlic,
onions, pickles, vinegar, and salt. Bananas and the
nightshade family of vegetables and fruit can also
cause trouble. Therapies for hyperacidity are recommended
here. Herbs to protect the mucus lining of
the stomach are useful, and include aloe gel,
¤hatávarí, and licorice.
Váyu: Symptoms include more pain than burning,
feeling cold, light-headedness, anxiety, with insomnia,
gas, constipation, abdominal distention, and
palpitations. Heat applied to the stomach brings relief.
Excessive meals of dry and light foods can dry
up the mucus secretions causing an ulcer. Thus a
Váyu-reducing diet is recommended. After a bland
diet is followed for some time, spices can be safely
used, such as hi´gwasták, lavaò bháskar chúròa, and
t^ikatu (unless the tongue is dry, cracked or reddish).
These herbs are taken with warm milk or ghee.
Pitta: Burning sensation is the predominant
symptom. Anger and impatience are mental causes
of Pitta ulcers. A Pitta-reduction diet is advised, along
with bitter herbs like aloe, barberry, chiráyatá, kaóuká,
and mahásudarßhan chúròa; also demulcents like
Kapha: Ulcers are rare for this doßha. Physical
symptoms include white or clear phlegm, nausea,
lack of appetite, dull pain, and heaviness. Mental
causes include greediness, grief, or emotional attachment.
Herbs to digest mucus are recommended
(e.g., t^ikatu, pippalí, black pepper, and dry ginger).

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