Anorexia (Arochaka)
Causes: There are 5 causes for loss of appetite,
taste, or anorexia: Váyu, Pitta, Kapha, Tridoßha,
and mental (e.g., grief, fear, anger).
An excess of the doßhas (individually or combined)
or an apathetic mental state tends to block the heart
region and the channels (srotas) that carry food (e.g.,
esophagus). This causes aversion to foods.
Symptoms: Continual vomiting may occur, leading
to dehydration.
Váyu: Overeating Kapha-increasing foods
causes tingling gums, an astringent taste in the mouth,
severe weight loss, loss of appetite, fear, anxiety, insomnia,
chest and abdominal pains and cramps, palpitations,
throat constriction, difficulty swallowing,
and choking feelings.
Pitta: Bitter and sour taste, bad smell in the
mouth, burning sensations in the heart region.
Kapha: Sweet or salty taste, Kapha-coated mouth,
nausea, vomiting, exuding watery substance from the
mouth or the nose, itching, heaviness of the body,
water-brash, lethargy, and fatigue.
Tridoßha: Abnormal taste or absence of taste.
Mental: Worry, anger, delusion, dullness, or other
emotions, associated with a particular doßha.
General: Herbs
digestive herbs: cardamom, ginger
to stop vomiting: red raspberry, ginger
tonics: chyavan prá¤h, a¤hwagandhá
nervines: gotu kola, sandalwood, jaóámáò¤hí,
Foods—bland rice and múng dal. Avoid
coffee, tea, drugs, stimulants.
Massage—sesame oil applied to the feet and head,
and ¤hiro dhárá.
Aromas—sandalwood oil applied to the forehead.
General Regimen: Different types of foods are
combined with the person’s doßha-balancing foods.
Bathing cleanses the body from outside. Light emesis
is done twice daily for internal cleansing (morning
and evening). Oral hygiene—brushing, eating rock
candy with tulsí herb.
Váyu—first, emesis should be induced with a
vachá decoction. This is followed by an herbal tea
made with pippalí, cardamom, and viæa´ga powders.
Pippalí, viæa´ga, raisins, rock salt, ginger, and
medicated wine can be ingested as an appetizer to
stimulate hunger.
Pitta—persons are administered an emetic with
jaggery (cane sugar) juice. Also, cane sugar, ghee,
salt, and honey should be eaten.
Kapha—individuals are given an emetic with
neem leaf decoction, ajwan, fennel, and alcohol
mixed with honey.
Tridoßha—all of the above measures are used.
Mind—herbs to calm the mind (e.g., bráhmí,
a¤hwagandhá, jaóámáò¤hí), providing consolation,
sympathy, and cheerfulness, uncovering the cause of
the trouble (e.g., disappointment with career), and
planning strategies to change things for the better.
Physicians shouldn’t feel shy if they don’t know the nomenclature of the disease,
for there is no rule, custom, or state that every disease has a name.
Aßhóháñga H^idayam Sú. Ch. 12: ver. 64

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