Excessive gastric juice activity results in
acidic or sour taste in the mouth.
Váyu: A variable digestion cannot always digest
foods. When food is not digested, áma develops.
These undigested food toxins begin to ferment,
causing burning sensations.
Pitta: Eating too many hot, spicy, sour, greasy
foods and spices (e.g., onions, garlic, red peppers);
incompatible foods, alcohol, and overeating. Other
causes include eating too many sweets, such as cakes,
which ferment and produce acid in the stomach.
Kapha: Weak digestion allows áma to develop
when food is not digested. Thus, toxins ferment and
cause burning sensations.
Heartburn, belching with sour taste or fluids,
nausea, vomiting.
Váyu: Hi´gwasták, rock salt, laßhunadi vaói,
drákßhá, along with antacids like ¤haòkh bhasma,
ávipattikar chúròa, fennel, and pravál piähti.
Pitta: Pitta-reducing foods and herbs, antacid
foods like milk and ghee. Acidic and sour foods are
avoided, including bananas (sour post-digestive
taste), pickles, wine, and yogurt. Useful herbs include
¤hatávarí, licorice, aloe gel, chiráyatá, and antacids
like ¤háòkh bhasma (conch shell ash) and ávipattikar
Kapha: Hi´gwasták, rock salt, laähunadi baói,
drakäha; and antacids like ¤há´kh bhasma (conch
shell ash) and ávipattikar chúròa.

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