Acid Gastritis

Acid Gastritis/Acid Reflux (Amlapitta)
This is an inflammation of the stomach and its
Causes and Symptoms:
Eating incompatible food combinations, spoiled
foods, and very sour or acidic foods or liquids
increases Pitta in persons with already excessed Pitta.
Symptoms include indigestion, exhaustion, nausea,
belchings with bitter or sour taste, heaviness, loss of
appetite, burning sensation in the chest and throat.
Pitta symptoms are twofold, upward (úrdhvaga) and
downward (adhoga).
Downward Symptoms: Thirst, burning sensations,
fainting, giddiness, delusion, diarrhea, nausea, skin
rashes, poor digestion, hair standing on end,
perspiration, yellowish skin.
Upward Symptoms: Vomiting green, yellow, black,
blue, red, sour, thin, and sticky materials, followed
by mucus. Other symptoms include bitter or sour
tastes from vomiting or belching, burning sensations
in the throat, chest, upper abdomen, hands and feet;
headache, loss of heat, loss of appetite, Kapha/Pitta
fever, circular, itching, studded rashes with numerous
The longer a person has had gastritis, the more
difficult it is to heal.
Váyu-caused: Tremors, delirium, fainting,
sensations of pins and needles, weakness, pain,
darkened vision, giddiness, delusion, hair standing
on end.
Kapha-caused: Expectorating thick phlegm,
heaviness, fatigue, loss of appetite, coldness,
weakness, vomiting, white coating on the tongue,
burning sensation, itching, sleeping longer and more
Váyu/Kapha-caused: Symptoms of both doßhas.
Pitta/Kapha-caused: Belching with bitter, sour,
and pungent tastes, burning sensation in the chest,
upper abdomen, and throat; giddiness, fainting, loss
of appetite, vomiting, fatigue, headache, salivation,
sweet taste in mouth.
Therapies are the same as for hyperacidity. Milk
is recommended for Váyu and Pitta excesses.

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