Indigestion (Ajírna)
Three kinds of indigestion exist: Áma (Kaphacaused),
vidaghda (Pitta-caused), and vißhóabdha
(Váyu-caused). [Some authorities suggest three other
forms of indigestion: Rasaeßha (indigestion of
nutrients), dinapáka (food is digested the next day
but without causing difficulty), and prativásara
(indigestion immediately after eating each meal).

Drinking large quantities of water, eating insufficient
or excess amounts of food at unusual times,
eating unwholesome foods, suppression of natural
urges, insomnia, and daytime naps. Mental causes
include eating when angry, jealous, anxious, worried,
frightened, grieving, miserable, or in pain.
General: Weakness without exertion, heaviness
of the body, not eliminating gas and stool, giddiness,
constipation, or diarrhea.
Váyu: Abdominal pain or distention, gas retention,
delusion, and other Váyu symptoms.
Pitta: Giddiness, thirst, fainting, sour and hot
belchings, sweating, burning sensations (e.g.,
heartburn), and other Pitta symptoms.
Kapha: Abdominal and body heaviness, nausea,
belching, swelling of the cheeks and eyes.
Nutrition: Aversion to food, abdominal heaviness,
extreme belchings. Pain develops whereever áma
resides in the body. Many diseases can develop
because doßhas travel in the body with áma.
Indigestion is the cause of many diseases. When
it is healed, other diseases are healed automatically.
Indigestion can lead to fainting, delirium, vomiting,
excessive salivation, debility, giddiness, and
even death. Insomnia, restlessness, tremors, suppression
of urine, and fainting are the five most troubling
complications. (Indigestion can cause three other diseases,
visúchiká, alasaka, and vilambiká—see below).
Healthy Digestion:
Symptoms include belchings without bad smell
or taste, enthusiasm, proper elimination of gas, stool,
and urine; lightness of the body, natural hunger and
Váyu: Moist heat (fomentation). Herbal
combinations include triphalá, yogaraj guggul,
hi´gwasták chúròa, sitopaládi, chúròa, laßhunadi
vaói, and lavaòa bháskar. Other useful herbs include
asafoetida, ginger, cumin, and rock salt.
Pitta: Velamina (vomiting with warm salt water).
Drinking cold water helps reduce acidic digestion.
Harítakí and raw honey can be licked, or harítakí
and drákßhá ingested. Aloe vera, musta, chiráyatá,
and mahásudarßhan chúròa.
Kapha: Fasting until one feels better. The same
therapies as Váyu, plus black pepper, chitrak, and
t^ikatu (i.e., hotter spices quickly raise the digestive
Nutrition: Rest in bed, dry heat (fomentation);
harítakí, and dry ginger. Cardamom, coriander,
turmeric, and fennel can be taken with meals daily to
maintain health and prevent indigestion.

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