Jaundice (Kámalá Roga)
Causes: Jaundice can develop either from anemia, or
on its own. When it arises from anemia, it is caused
by aggravated Pitta (from Pitta-in-creasing foods and
lifestyle). The excessed Pitta then burns up the blood
and muscles, producing jaundice in the alimentary
tract (g.i.t.). The excessed doßha then travels through
the transportation channels (srotas) and produces
jaundice in the different tissues. Its symptoms include
deep yellow eyes, urine, skin, nails, mouth, and feces;
burning, indigestion, thirst, greenish-brown complexion,
and weakness of the sense organs.
When Váyu and Pitta are excessed, there is
greenish-bluish-yellow complexion with dizziness,
no sexual desire, mild fever, stupor, physical
weakness, and poor digestion.
Jaundice can occur simply from ignoring an
aggravated Pitta condition. This leads to jaundice with
edema and is hard to cure. Edema is the major
secondary complication of anemia and jaundice.
Therapies: First, oil massage, then mild emesis and
purgation with bitter herbs. Foods include basmati
rice, barley, whole wheat, soups, peas, lentils, and
oils that reduce Pitta; white radish, yellow squash,
green leafy vegetables, chlorophyll, dandelion, and
sugar cane. The best herbs include bhúámalakí,
guæúchí, and sudarähan chúròa (will aggravate Váyu
symptoms). Other herbs include triphalá, neem, balá,
bh^i´garáj, bilwa, sandalwood, lemon grass, kaóuká,
barberry, vidárí kand, ámalakí, gotu kola, aloe gel,
turmeric, barberry, t^ikatu, dry ginger with boiled
milk, cane sugar, and ghee

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