Candida (Yeast)
Cause: Usually starts in GI tract, then moves to
the blood and other organs. Candida is generally
caused by weak digestion due to áma (toxin). It is
usually due to high Váyu or Kapha, but it can also be
caused by Pitta. Excessive use of sugars, drugs,
antibiotics, frequent colds and flu, weak nervous
system, worry, fear, grief, and anger can also cause
General: Chronic low energy, low-grade fevers,
variable digestion, poor immune functioning, and
food allergies.
Váyu: Insomnia, lower back pain, dry skin,
nervous, restless, light-headedness, ringing ears,
depression, gas, bloating, constipation, and variable
Pitta: Fever, thirst, burning, hyperacidity, and
Kapha: Phlegm, frequent colds and flu, swollen
glands, edema, heaviness, dullness, and excess
Dual and Tridoßha: Symptoms of 2 or all 3 doßhas.
General: This condition is treated similarly to
parasites. The goal is to destroy the yeast and boost
the immune system. This is achieved through
restoring digestive and immune strength.
Refined sugars, white bread, yeast products, dairy,
sweet fruit, raw foods, and cold drinks are avoided.
Váyu: Antifungal herbs include asafoetida, garlic,
ginger, pippalí, t^ikatu, triphalá, viæa´ga, musta.
Viæa´ga and musta are antifungal but deplete the
immune system, so they are best used for only 1 or 2
weeks. Digestive herbs include cardamom, cumin,
ginger. Immune herbs include bráhmí, guæúchí, balá,
yogaraj guggul, and saffron. Later, ¤hatávarí and
a¤hwagandhá are taken.
Pitta: Viæa´ga and musta are used as antifungal herbs.
Digestives include coriander, fennel, and turmeric.
Immune herbs include bráhmí, guæúchí, balá,
kaißhore guggul, saffron, and neem. Later, ¤hatávarí
is used.

Kapha: Viæa´ga and musta as antifungal herbs:
cardamom, ginger, asafoetida, t^ikatu, and triphalá
as digestive herbs. Immune-boosting herbs include
gokßhura, bráhmí, guæúchí, balá, saffron. Also guggul
and neem are used.
Lyme disease has been helped by Pitta-type
candida therapies and antibacterial herbs. We have
found this therapy to be helpful in all lyme disease
cases at our center.

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