Panchakarma Basics

Pancha Karma
Ayurveda offers unique therapeutic measures
that heal mild and chronic diseases. Even
diseases that are believed to be incurable
by modern medicine have been healed. Stories
abound of people being carried into pañcha karma
centers, and a few weeks later, walking out on their
own two feet, healthy and rejuvenated. Áyurveda
is not based on magic; rather, it is based on understanding
medical principles and the six stages of
The most deeply seated toxins that cause disease
are heavy and sticky, lodging in the deepest tissue
layers. Pañcha Karma permanently eliminates
these toxins from the body, allowing healing and restoration
of the tissues, channels, digestion, and mental
Six therapies are divided into two categories: 1)
Toning or nourishing (b^iμhaòa or saμtarpaòa), and
2) Reducing or detoxifying (la´ghana or
apartarpaòa)—those that cause lightness.
B^iåhaòa La´ghana
(earth, water) (ether, air, fire)
Snehana Rúkßhaòa Svedhana Stambhana
(oil therapy) (drying) (sweating) (astringent)
B^iμhaòa tones because it uses therapies that promote
earth and water elements, while la´ghana lightens
by using ether, air, and fire elements to reduce.
Illness is relieved as doähas become balanced through
these therapies.
The six major therapeutic categories are either

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