Sprains And Strains

Sprains and Strains
Strains occur when the ligaments around a joint have been stretched, and sprains when they have been torn. The
surrounding membranes of the joint may also be involved, resulting in fluid building up, which stretches the joint
capsule and limits joint movement. In all cases, pain, swelling and discoloration occur. If the joint is badly
displaced or wobbling, or impossible to straighten or bend, allopathic treatment is necessary, but can be followed
with advantage by homoeopathic treatment

Muscular problems, such as stiffness after unaccustomed exercise, have essentially the same treatment, so are
covered here as well.
As a general treatment.
Apply ice packs immediately, externally.
For muscle strain after unaccustomed exercise, involving rupture, swelling and bruised pain.
Arnica tincture, diluted 1 in 10, applied locally as a firm compress;
Arnica 6c, internally, every 3-4 hours.
For a sprain or strain of joint, with painful ligament, tendon or bone.
Ruta grav tincture, diluted 1 in 10, externally.
Ruta grav 6c, internally, every 3-4 house.
For painful muscle and tendons, from overexertion, with pain that is worse on initial motion and better on
continued motion.
Rhus tox 6c, every 3-4 hours.

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