Collapse is always a serious incident, and should be regarded gravely. These remedies are included for emergency
treatment only, while allopathic advice is being sought. Nevertheless they are very effective, and have produced
many remarkable recoveries.
For shock immediately after an accident.
Aconite 6c, every 30 minutes.
For sudden and complete prostration, where the skin is dry and very cold, but the patient will not be covered or
objects to it. Camphor is a good remedy for shock.
Camphor 6c, every 30 minutes.
For fainting or collapse, with cold sweat on the forehead and the whole body is icy cold.
Veratrum album 6c, every 30 minutes.
To reduce the prolonged effects of shock.
Arnica 6c, every 3-4 hours.
Patient is blue and cold; lies motionless as if dead, wants fresh air and to be fanned. Carbo veg is often called 'the
corpse reviver' because of its success in collapse.
Carbo veg 6c, every 30 minutes.
For extreme weakness of the neck muscles, with heaviness of the head; the legs give out when walking, patient can
hardly stand, walk or talk.
Cocculus 6c, every 3-4 hours.
Patient faints easily, from extremes of cold or heat, after getting wet, kneeling, and other minor causes.
Sepia 6c, every 3-4 hours.

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