Concussion is a special kind of bruising, where the brain has been bruised from a blow to the head. The symptoms
vary, depending on the severity and extent of the injury. Mild cases may show no more than dizziness, passing off
after an hour or two. In more serious cases the face and skin are pale, there are alterations in pulse rate and
breathing, unequal pupil size and loss of consciousness. If vomiting occurs, ensure the airways are clear. There may
be bleeding inside the mouth or throat. In very serious cases, symptoms are coma, diminished pulse and breathing,
and cold extremities. In all cases of concussion other than mild ones allopathic advice should be sought.
Loss of memory after concussion.
Arnica 200c or 1M--h
For concussion with resultant depression.
Nat sulph 200c--
Whether loss of consciousness has occurred or not.
Arnica 6c, every 30 minutes for 5 or 6 doses.

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