It is customary to classify burns according to the damage that has been done. A first degree burn is only redness of
the skin. Second degree burns involve blistering, while third degree bums involve damage to the deeper layers of
the skin and the oozing of clear liquid from raw, inflamed areas. In fourth degree burns, destruction of the whole
skin has occurred. Allopathic treatment should always be sought for burns of the third or fourth degree, and the
patient should be kept covered and comfortable.
All burns are dangerous if not properly treated: the conditions to be aware of are infection, pain and shock.
Clothing not adhering to severely burned areas should be cut away, but clothing burned into the flesh is most likely
sterile and should not be removed.
In severe burns, immediate applications of egg white, ice or honey are good emergency dressings. Cotton wool,
oily substances and antiseptics are to be avoided. In less severe burns, a local dressing can be made with clean
gauze. Saturate the gauze with Urtica tincture for first degree burns, and Hypericum tincture for second degree
burns, 20 drops to a little water. Re-apply liquid often to keep dressing moist.
Immediate treatment, first and second degree burns.
Cold water or ice on the burn.
Immediate treatment, third degree burns.
Apply egg white liberally.
When healing has started and pain subsided.
Apply a mixture of Hypericum and Calendula tinctures (Hypercal), diluted 1 in 10, locally.
For shock.
Arnica 6c, every 1-2 hours.
For persistent stinging.
Urtica 30c, every time pain recurs.
If there is fear of death, with anxiety and restlessness.
Aconite 6c, every 30-60 minutes.
For burns where the skin is red, shiny, hot and throbbing, and the pain is worsened by touching.
Belladonna 6c, every 15-30 minutes.
Burns when there is a swelling and sometimes looking like orange peel, with sensations of burning and stinging as
if pricked by a hundred needles.
Apis 6c, every 15-30 minutes.

For second degree burns, with large blisters and intense pain.
Cantharis 30c, every time pain recurs.
Scarring third degree burns, with pains that are worse at night and soothed by warmth.
Arsenicum alb 6c, every 3-4 hours.
Deep bums of third degree, where yellow-green ulcers have formed.
Kali bich 30c, every time pain recurs.
For painful burns with a drawing, tightening sensation.
Causticum 30c, every 3-4 hours.

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