Insect bites and stings

Insect Bites and Stings
Ledum and Apis given internally are useful generally for treating insect bites and stings, and most symptoms will
yield rapidly using these two remedies alone.
Allergic reactions to insect bites should be treated differently: these appear as rapid and large swellings, beginning
at the site of the sting and spreading out. If the sting is on the neck, if it causes breathing difficulty, or if the person
has a known sensitivity to stings, allopathic advice should be sought immediately.
Lemon juice applied locally is a good first-line treatment.Ledum tincture applied to the bite as a compress

As a general treatment.
Ledurn tincture 1 in 10 externally, followed by Urtica tincture 1 in 10 if Ledum does not cause improvement.

For mosquito bites or insect stings that feel worse from warm applications, and better from cold applications.
Ledum 6c every 3-4 hours.
For bee or wasp stings,that are bright red and swollen, painful, burning and itching and that become worse in
Apis 6c, every 3-4 hours.
For ant bites, with sudden rheumatic and gouty pains.
Formica rufa 6c, every 1-2 hours.
For pain, in extremely sensitive areas, especially when it is darting or shooting.
Hypericum 6c, every 3-4 hours, or whenever pain returns.
To reduce infection and promote healing.
Calendula 6c, every 3-4 hours.
For shock after stings, if the person is anxious and restless.
Aconite 6c, every 3-4 hours.
For itchy, blotchy skin, with burning and pain.
Urtica 6c, every 3-4 hours.
Animal, Spider and Repile Bites
These bites are dangerous, particularly snake and spider bites. In these cases, the entire limb should be wrapped in
compressive bandages such as crepe bandage or panty hose as soon as possible after the event to reduce fluid flow.
The limb should then be immobilised, and allopathic treatment should immediately be found. It should also be
noted that human bites can be extremely infectious.
The following remedies can be used while allopathic advice is being sought.
As a local treatment.
For bites that are swollen and blackish-purple in color, with swollen lymph nodes.
Tarentula 12c, every 3-4 hours.
For shock, anxiety, restlessness, or fear of death.
Aconite 6c, every 3-4 hours.
Tick Bites
Using tweezers, try to remove the tick whole, taking special care to ensure the head is not left behind.
Alternatively, put a drop of kerosene or olive oil on the tickthis may make it fall off.
As a local application.
Ledum tincture 1 in 10, applied to the bite.
For tick bite in animals, with paralysis of the rear limbs.
Lathyrus 30c can be obtained from a practitioner.
As a general treatment.
Ledum 6c internally, every 3-4 hours.
In collapse due to tick poisoning, with a craving for fresh air.
Carbo veg 6c, every 3-4 hours, while allopathic treatment is being sought.

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