General Descripition:

Drugs according to the formulation composition of the particular Choorna¸a are collected, dried,
powdered individually and passed through sieve number 85 to prepare a fine powder. They are mixed in
the specified proportion and stored in well closed container.
The term Choorna may be applied to the powder prepared by a single drug or a combination of
more drugs.
Raja and Ksoda are the synonyms for Choorna.Choornas may be of plant origin, or mixed with other
ingredients. The following points are to be noted.
If metals / minerals are used, prepare Bhasma or Sind£ra of the minerals unless otherwise
In cases where Parada and Gandhaka are mentioned, prepare Kajjal¢ and add other drugs, one by
one, according to the formula.
In general the aromatic drugs like Hi´ngu [Asafoetida] etc. should be fried before they are
converted to fine powders.
Specific care should be taken in case of Salts and Sugars. Formulations with hygroscopic
components should not usually be prepared during rainy seasons. If so, specific precautions should be
taken during storage.
Choornas should be stored in air tight containers. Polyethylene and foil packing also provides
damp proof protection.
Special precaution for storage should be taken in cases of formulations with salts, sugars and Ksharas.

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